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Animal Photos and Photoshop

 We had so much fun getting these animal photo shots! It was such a hot, sunny and busy day at the dog show where these shots were taken last year we felt we had to put them all on plain, … Continue reading

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Shooting Gothic Stlye

Its been a couple of weeks of constant rain which is guaranteed to keep us at the computers editing.  Having done a recent shoot with the amazing Lady Amaranth, modelling beautiful alternative clothes and accessories for The Gothic Shop, we … Continue reading

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Create Background in Photoshop

Creating a background in photoshop is a fantastic way to make your image stand out as unique. In this tutorial we’re going to show you how to creat a background in photoshop with a simple but effective night sky. This … Continue reading

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Quick Selection Tool CS5

Using the quick selection tool in CS5 is quick and simple to use once you have mastered it. You are able to add and create backgrounds easily once you have get the hang of the quick selection tool and enhance … Continue reading

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Get Started With Photoshop

Having installed your Adobe Photoshop programme and read all the tool tips, you are ready to get started with Photoshop! With luck you have practiced all the basic tools and have your image open for editing. The first thing you need to decide is the direction you want to take your image. Whether its a landscape image or a portrait, there will always be the initial thought of how you would like it to look. For a basic portrait you will firstly need to decide how much editing you want to do. Some images lend themselves more to less. Skin textures and tones can really lend themselves to an image, especially on a charactor portrait, but can be rare that you find someone that actually wants you to keep those blemishes, bruises, or loose hairs in their portraits. Many think that photo editing is wrong and that the best images should be untouched…

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High End Skin Editing Tutorial

High end skin editing is most used within commercial and editorial work. It achieves the glossy, unreal and sought after appearance required within the industry. Its not generally used for normal family portraits as most photographers prefer a more natural look, however, once learned, its easily modified and the effects can be applied to a greater or lesser degree. Certainly, there is varied opinion as to how far you should take an image, whether to go along the surreal route, incorporating virtual surgery, or leave the image as is and almost untouched. For myself, I allow the client to decide! Using Adobe Photoshop you can retouch your own pictures, improving the quality and producing a professional finish. Here you will learn how to retouch skin in an image to give it a silky soft appearance. This tutorial is intended for people who are familiar with Adobe Photoshop….

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Quick Change Hair Colour Tutorial

In this very quick and easy tutorial, we will show you how to change the hair colour of your subject. This is aimed at beginners as its good practice for many different techniques, often used by many advanced creative artists. The tips offered here can also be used to achieve colour changes in different areas, such as clothing or random objects. Changing hair colour is very fast and surprisingly easy with Adobe Photoshop. In this easy to follow tutorial on changing hair colour we will show you how to transform dull hair and make it a little more exciting…

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Adobe Photoshop Tools Palette Explained

Here we’ve provided a quick guide to Adobe Photoshop’s Basic Tools palette with a description of each tool’s functions and it’s shortcuts for the very new to image editing. The hidden tools have not been covered here as this is just a quick start guide. For more in depth details and functions of each tool please refer to the relevant tutorials as they are presented. Essential for those brand new to Photoshop…

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