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Creating A Fantasy Image In Photoshop CS5

Creating a Fantasy Scene in Photoshop
This fantasy image tutorial is a continuation from the ‘pen tool’ that we looked at in an earlier photoshop tutorial.
In this tutorial, I have already cut out all the images ready for use, to save time, but if you haven’t yet mastered the pen tool, the pen tool, lessons are still available, we make it easy for you easy to go back and catch up!

Creating and making up a fantasy image in Adobe Photoshop can be as easy as you want it to be, or you can go more extreame adding layer after layer to create something much more complex and possibly rewarding in the final image.The only limits are in your imagination… Continue reading

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Cutting Out With the Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop

Cutting Out With the Pen Tool
Cutting out backgrounds can be time consuming and tedious if you are doing them regularly, but many images require it, even if you are only wanting to add a more inspiring sky to an image where perhaps a grey, dull sky is the let down of the shot. There are various ways to remove backgrounds, some are quicker than others, for example, it is possible to use the magic wand tool to remove a plain background, this can be relitively efficiant, though often leaves a residue of pixels around the image that has been cut. Using channels is a very effective way for the experienced photoshop user, however, you do need to know what your doing and it can be time consuming. This method really comes into its own when you are wanting to preserve fine detail, such as hair. We will cover this option in a seperate tutorial at a later date. Includes video tutorial

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