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Animal Photos and Photoshop

 We had so much fun getting these animal photo shots! It was such a hot, sunny and busy day at the dog show where these shots were taken last year we felt we had to put them all on plain, … Continue reading

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Shooting Gothic Stlye

Its been a couple of weeks of constant rain which is guaranteed to keep us at the computers editing.  Having done a recent shoot with the amazing Lady Amaranth, modelling beautiful alternative clothes and accessories for The Gothic Shop, we … Continue reading

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Image Censorship Article
Another Ethiriel creation of little Miss ‘C’ who loves to dress up in all the photographic props and play at being a grown up, just like all young children do! When the image was first published on another website it recieved many excellent critiques from people who apprecite both the art and the childhood. Amusingly though, the image was removed by the site after much pressure and objection from someone who could only see the image as ‘grown up’. It is true that art is in the eye of the beholder, and here at Ethiriel we cannot be responsible for the few murky minds that walk the planet. We must keep life in perspective to some degree…

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The Prime Lens

What is a Prime Lens and why is it so desirable? The prime lenses have many positive qualities that many photographers find desirable for the images they want to produce. Is the prime lenses right for you? Lens selection is one of the key elements of photography and often one of the defining factors of a photographer’s own style. Many photographers need the versatility of changing their framing in an instant with zoom, and cannot afford to miss shots in the time it takes to change lenses. Other photographers seek the results that require the specific features of prime lenses, this is often the case in portrait photography. Using the prime lens is an entirely different mindset. It involves making the choice to take very specific types of photographs. It’s not about changing lenses fast and often to get every shot imaginable.

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The Easy Guide To Aperture (f Stop)

The Easy Guide to Aperture
Have you ever asked yourself a question similar to one of these? What’s with all the f/2.8 and f/1.4 and f/22 stuff people use in their Descriptions? Are they just being numerically anal or are they telling us something useful? What’s the freakin’ difference between a 50mm f/1.4 lens and a 50mm f/1.8 lens? Why is one way more expensive than the other? What do people mean when they describe a particular lens as being “fast”? Where is it going? What do lenses have to do with aperture and f stop? Isn’t that what a camera does? What does “stopping down” mean? If I’m meant to “stop down” why are the f numbers higher? Shouldn’t they be lower? What’s “aperture”? Is “aperture” the same thing as f stop? If you have, they are all good questions and they are all answered in this tutorial…

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