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Another Ethiriel creation of little Miss ‘C’ who loves to dress up in all the photographic props and play at being a grown up, just like all young children do!

Little Miss C Vintage

When the image was first published on another website it recieved many excellent critiques from people who apprecite both the art and the childhood. Amusingly though, the image was removed by the site after much pressure and objection from someone who could only see the image as ‘grown up’.
It is true that art is in the eye of the beholder, and here at Ethiriel we cannot be responsible for the few murky minds that walk the planet. We must keep life in perspective to some degree!!

This made us wonder how much more over the years would be censored if there was no free press, no freedom to think of original ideas or freedom of speech.
Art is supposed to leave you with a strong first impression. If you look at an image and have no thoughts provoked then it isn’t doing it’s job, find someone with more… oomph.

Of course we can all go down the road of disapproving, complaining and objecting to all that we encounter, either in our own lives or on the web. But then surely, don’t we all have a choice what to look at and what to read?
When we first saw these french vogue images by Tom Ford we thought wow! Truly captivating and inspiring. How refreshing to see images not unlike the ones from the ‘olde days’. Whether you love them or hate them they definitely envoke a response. Between the expressions on the childrens faces and the fantastically over the top clothes and jewelery they show an extreme view on society today.

We have to admit we love them and cannot see them as sexualized abused children. We see them as beautiful little girls playing dress up when Mummy’s not looking, or perhaps spoiled little rich girls in the making, totally indulged kiddies with designer lives. Opulent and luxurious but not risky.
When you are involved in the process of creating art through photography things can seem a little less extreme. We know what it is like to photograph children, it has to be a fun and rewarding experience for them to get any results worth showing, whether the image is a personal reflection of life of for commercial purposes.

All kids love dressing up. Wether they want to be lions or stars it is the same impulse, emulate something that sparks your imagination. Our props room is constantly being raided by Little Miss ‘C’ who’s love of fashion is far overshadowed by the thrill of hearing stillettos click on the wooden floor.

Little Miss ‘C’ organises and chooses clothes, jewelry, and poses for her shoot, our job is to photograph the moment of her innocence. And boy! Does she love the results too, she loves the images we create together. She even edits a lot of her on images in Photoshop!

Well, thats kids for ya!

Here are some images from over time, where taking pictures of children was not only acceptable, but allowed and appreciated.

Vintage ChildVintage ChildVintage ChildVintage ChildVintage ChildVintage Child

We hope you enjoyed this article on censorship.

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