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 We had so much fun getting these animal photo shots! It was such a hot, sunny and busy day at the dog show where these shots were taken last year we felt we had to put them all on plain, textured backgrounds to get the focus on the personalities of the dogs involved.

All of these animal photos were cut out with the pen tool before replacing the backgrounds with a nice natural feeling greenish grey that complimented their colors more than the busy backgrounds they had before. When shooting at these kind of shows you’ve got to remember there are a lot of owners legs of all shapes and sizes that you might not want in the picture!

It’s best to shoot dogs at dog level as this gives a much better angle of the animal and also creates intrest from them towards you as you’re not just another pair of legs. We caught an awful lot of photos with fantastic expressions of suprise on those furry canine faces! I’m sure most of the owners have no idea of the dog’s opinions towards shows!

We’ve put some of our animal artwork at our store and hope you enjoy looking through them.

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