Blue Smoking Man

I decided with this image I wanted to build in some atmosphere using masks and effects to alter the image and create a visually more pleasing image. Using several layers makes adding the effects easy and I was able to make my cowboy a little more rugged looking.

I like to go with the flow of each image I create and this guy just needed to have a tougher looking and more sinister feel to him. Shooting in a studio allows me to control some of the things I look for in creating an image, but I like to take it further and play around in photoshop with the effects I can create.

I used a blue mask over the entire image in this one to get the general affect I was looking for and then continued to just work the image until it had the ruggedness I wanted. High frequency separation is always a good place to start when you have blemishes etc to remove, but in this case I was wanting to enhance the craggy look and feel to the character.

It seemed to work reasonably well.

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