Soft Focus Photoshop

Soft Focus Photoshop
Soft focus photoshop is a quick and easy way to give your image the dreamy factor without having to have much experience with editing programs or complicated lens techniques.
You can complete this soft focus effect very simply and impress your frinds with a whole new edge to your images!
Often people make the mistake of over blurring an image to try to give it the soft focus appeal, sometimes though, this can leave your image looking, well, err, blurred!
Here we will show you how to change the soft focus of your image and simply create a whole new look.

So lets get started. Firstly we need to duplicate the layer. So, in the menu, go to Image, run down to duplicate layer, click on duplicate layer… click ok.

Soft Focus Photoshop
Next we are going to use the High Pass filter. Go to filter layer.. click filter… run down the menu to ‘other’ click high pass.
Choose a radius of around 10 pixels… click ok.
This will give your image a kind of grey effect, as seen in the image.

Soft Focus Photoshop
To get the soft focus effect we need to invert the high pass filter. Click Ctrl + I on your keyboard.
This is how the image should look after inverting.

Soft Focus Photoshop
Change the blending mode, click the arrow in the menu… change the blending mode to soft light.

And thats it! Simple soft focus photoshop!

Soft Focus Photoshop
This soft focus photoshop tutorial was brought to you by Ethiriel. We hope you enjoyed it. Check back soon for new photoshop techniques.

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