Add A Vignette

add a vignette

Add a vignette in photoshop and easily transform your images, giving an aged feel to them.

This effect has been around for just about as long as the camera. It creates a more artistic look for the photographer and vignetting can be seen on many pictures from wedding photography to fine art works.

Today we can add a vignette layer in photoshop with a simple mask on top of the original picture. It’s a very quick, easy and fun way to boost your image and draw the eye to the subject.

Follow our step by step tutorial to add a vignette to an image of your choice. Please check out the video tutorial further down as well!

The vignette effect can be created either by darkening the edges surrounding the picture, or quite the opposite, by lightening the edges, each method creates a ‘fade out’ effect and concentrates the viewer towards the centre of the picture, sometimes moving the focus on the area that we would like to be noticed the most.

Often it is used on portraits, but also lends itself to landscapes, buildings and even floral images.

Open the image you are wanting to use with the vignette effect.
Next you need to create a new layer, as shown, above the original image.

Making sure that you have your foreground colour set to black, go to ‘Edit’ and run your curser down the list and select ‘fill. This will flood your new layer with black. From the tools pallate, select the rectangular marquee tool and make the size of vignette border, as shown, to the size you are happy with. Position the ‘marching ants’ centrally withing the image.
When you are happy with the positioning for your border, select ‘feather’ from the menue and feather according to your preferance.

We used a feathering of only 10 pixels on this low resolution image, its always good to try different sizes until your happy with the effects.

Hit the ‘backspace’ key on your keyboard to remove the centre black, ie, all the colour that you don’t want in your image.
Finally you can reduce the opacity or your new layer to achieve the look that you want. Often vignetting is very faint though can be applied a little stronger if you want to.

And all there is left to do now if flatten and save your newly transformed image with its vignette effects!
It can be useful to save it under a different name should you want to re use the original image again in the future.

We hope you enjoyed learning how to add a vignette effect in our tutorial!

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