Animal Photos and Photoshop

Dog Portraits Cards Prints Animal Photographs

 We had so much fun getting these animal photo shots! It was such a hot, sunny and busy day at the dog show where these shots were taken last year we felt we had to put them all on plain, textured backgrounds to get the focus on the personalities of the dogs involved.

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Shooting Gothic Stlye


Its been a couple of weeks of constant rain which is guaranteed to keep us at the computers editing.  Having done a recent shoot with the amazing Lady Amaranth, modelling beautiful alternative clothes and accessories for The Gothic Shop, we have loads to work on. Continue reading “Shooting Gothic Stlye” »

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Blue Smoking Man

I decided with this image I wanted to build in some atmosphere using masks and effects to alter the image and create a visually more pleasing image. Using several layers makes adding the effects easy and I was able to make my cowboy a little more rugged looking. Continue reading “Blue Smoking Man” »

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Create Background in Photoshop

create background photoshop

Creating a background in photoshop is a fantastic way to make your image stand out as unique. In this tutorial we’re going to show you how to creat a background in photoshop with a simple but effective night sky. This sort of background can be customised in many different ways once you have created it to suit many image styles. Continue reading “Create Background in Photoshop” »

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Quick Selection Tool CS5

Quick Selection Tool CS5

Using the quick selection tool in CS5 is quick and simple to use once you have mastered it. You are able to add and create backgrounds easily once you have get the hang of the quick selection tool and enhance your images to just the way you like them. Continue reading “Quick Selection Tool CS5” »

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Soft Focus Photoshop

Soft Focus Photoshop
Soft focus photoshop is a quick and easy way to give your image the dreamy factor without having to have much experience with editing programs or complicated lens techniques.
You can complete this soft focus effect very simply and impress your frinds with a whole new edge to your images! Continue reading “Soft Focus Photoshop” »

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Add A Vignette

add a vignette

Add a vignette in photoshop and easily transform your images, giving an aged feel to them.

This effect has been around for just about as long as the camera. It creates a more artistic look for the photographer and vignetting can be seen on many pictures from wedding photography to fine art works. Continue reading “Add A Vignette” »

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Vintage Photo Tutorial

Vintage Photo Tutorial banner

Vintage photo effects can add a whole new dimension to any image, here we’re going to apply a few simple techniques to age a photo. There are many different ways to make vintage photo effects but we’ll start with some simple color changes and texture layers built up slowly in this vintage photo tutorial.

Starting off with this image with a slightly vintage feel to begin with will add a little authenticity to the end result. Continue reading “Vintage Photo Tutorial” »

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Preventing Image Theft Online

Preventing Image Theft Online
Preventing image theft online is a battle every publishing artist has to face. Image theft is a huge worry for artists in this digital age, when everything is avaliable to the whole world online how can we be sure our images are seen but not stolen?

The most important thing I can stress to people asking for ways to prevent image theft is to make sure they never put high resolution images on the internet. The simple task of resizing your images is a huge way to stop image theft. It doesn’t take a lot to make sure your images can be seen beautifully on the internet but not be any use for high quality prints. Continue reading “Preventing Image Theft Online” »

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How to Watermark Pictures

how to watermark pictures
How to watermark pictures is an interesting topic which seems to have a huge range of opinions of how subtle or obvious the watermark should be. I personally cannot stand over the top watermarking and much prefer a more subtle aproach which is still impossible to remove but doesn’t detract too much from the original image. Who wants to buy an image which they are not able to view the quality of because a huge distracting watermark in the way? So we’ll be looking at the easiest ways to create a clear yet subtle watermark to protect your images online. Continue reading “How to Watermark Pictures” »

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